About Implexa

Inside Implexa's consulting rooms


Providing high quality Allied Health Services at homes, schools, kindergartens, childcare centres, or at the Implexa clinic.


Who we are:

Implexa is a multidisciplinary team providing high quality care to our clients. We offer a client-centred approach so that we can fully understand the needs and goals of your child, while incorporating a holistic approach to therapy to ensure all the people in your child’s life are informed and on the same page.

We are passionate about delivering programs with the objective that children will enjoy participating. At Implexa we design programs that incorporate your child’s interests to ensure engagement and active participation.

Mission statement:

Our goal is to provide our clients with enjoyable, honest allied health services. We strive to make positive changes and noticeable differences in the lives of our clients by providing specialised services that increase opportunities for inclusion and empowerment.


Trustworthiness: You can trust us to nurture your child’s development
Open and honest communication: We keep you informed every step of the way
Passion: We are committed with heart and mind


Our vision is to provide high quality allied health services with a high satisfaction rate through better outcomes.