Group Programs

Children enjoying Minecraft social skills program

Implexa offers a range of group programs that run during the term. These programs cater for a range of ages and abilities.

Ballarat Minecraft Social Skills Program

This is the social skills program your child wants to attend!

Social Skills do not come easily for all children. The lack of appropriate social skills can often impact a child’s interactions with peers, making school challenging. When facilitated by a therapist, Minecraft can offer children many opportunities to improve social skills, develop friendships, and to practice a variety of important executive functioning skills.

In this program, children learn self-management, collaboration, team work and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. Participants are encouraged and redirected by the therapists to use appropriate social skills and to support one another, both on and off the screen. In each session the therapist works on improving communication skills including listening, interrupting, tone of voice and appropriate eye contact between group members, all while playing a game they love.


Social skills

Does your child have difficulty with any of the following?

  • Greeting others
  • Taking turns (talking, listening, playing)
  • Sharing
  • Asking for help
  • Identifying feelings
  • Empathy
  • Overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Managing frustration
  • Calming down and speaking up

Our social skills programs is based on evidence-based practice to help your child develop key social skills necessary for building friendships, relating to their peers and teachers, promoting successful classroom interactions and building confidence. Our dedicated and passionate therapists have extensive experience in delivering tailored social skills programs to best meet the age and development stage of your child.


Kids with Anxiety and Teens with Anxiety

Children/teens with anxiety are CONSTANTLY on high alert and seeking out danger even when there is no danger. They are unnecessarily putting themselves in fight or flight mode. This is why children/teens with anxiety are nervous, jittery, moody, unfocused, need constant reassurance, don’t sleep well and are overly self-critical or hypersensitive.

By the end of this program your child/teen will have the skills and knowledge to be more in control of their body and mind. Your child/teen will understand what anxiety is, where it comes from and how to effectively deal with it.

Your child/teen will learn:

  • A 10-minute exercise to practice every day to calm their bodies
  • Resilience skills that will help them acquire the confidence and skills to learn how to cope with anxiety attacks, distorted thinking, worries and fears on their own
  • Simple strategies to overcome their fears and confidently achieve their goals
  • Positive self talk techniques that will teach your child/teen how to recognise, examine, challenge and change their thoughts
  • Skills to help your child/teen stop worrying about every possible outcome of a situation and focus on the most realistic one
  • How to identify distorted thinking that makes your child/teen unnecessarily anxious or afraid and how to avoid it.


Holiday Programs

Implexa runs fun and interactive school holiday programs at the end of each term. For details about these programs, contact Implexa or see our Facebook page.