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Speech Pathology

Implexa’s Speech Pathology services operate on the belief that communication is a basic human right, and that each person deserves the chance to do so to the best of their capacity.

We assess, diagnose, treat and manage individuals who have difficulties with the following:

  • Producing speech sounds
  • Using and understanding language
  • Social communication deficits
  • Swallowing
  • Stuttering
  • Voice
  • Literacy Development – phonetics, reading, rhyming, reading comprehension



Our psychologists offer full neuropsychological, cognitive and behavioural assessments for a range of disorders. Psychologists assist in three main areas:

  • Diagnosis and assessment
  • Treatment and intervention
  • Counselling


Diagnosis and Assessment

Psychologists are part of the multi-disciplinary team that provides the assessment and diagnosis of autism. They will be involved in assessing your child’s overall level of mental/cognitive development, determining your child’s patterns of strengths and weaknesses, observing behaviour and social interaction, and interviewing family members about your child’s development and behaviour.

Treatment and Intervention

Psychologists are able to provide a range of treatments to improve:

  • Behaviour strategies – working with child and/or their parents, carers, teachers, to encourage appropriate behaviours and reduce or eliminate inappropriate behaviours
  • Social skills – working with child and/or parents/family members to encourage social skills
  • Help with anxiety and mood – working with child and/or parents/family members to help with relaxation and mood improvement
  • Planning and monitoring – developing a plan that other therapists, teachers and family members implement with the child
  • Support – assistance for other family members including parents and siblings to cope with the demands that living with a child on the autism spectrum places on the whole family


Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) helps children develop the social, academic, self-help and behavioural skills needed to interact with others and to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

ABA therapy takes the form of a highly structured program designed to meet the individual requirements of each child, while building the foundations for life-long learning.

The ABA program focuses on all areas of development including communication (verbal and non-verbal), play, self-help, motor skills and academic skills. It also addresses problematic behaviours including self-injury and tantrums, as well as socially inappropriate behaviours and emotional regulation.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists, who are experienced in working with children, start with a full assessment of the particular issues of your child. Then an individual program is written to work on areas like:

  • Gross motor skills eg. running, riding a bike and catching balls
  • Fine motor skills eg. drawing and cutting, using a fork and knife
  • Low muscle tone
  • Motor planning, the ability to do one movement after the other
  • Toileting and self care
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Assessments such as sensory profiles